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If you have a disability and your NDIS goal is to drive again, Return2Driving is the program for you that offers specialised driver training and assessment.

Return2Driving promotes safety and independence in driving for people with a range of disabilities and/or medical issues to get back into the driving seat. Our team works together to assess, advise and support people through all the necessary steps towards independent driving.


Return2Driving offers:

  • Driver assessment and training five days per week
  • Defensive driving techniques and driver education
  • Advice on vehicle modification and equipment installation, including supplies and costs
  • Graded rehabilitation programs
  • Access to specifically modified vehicles
  • Licensing support
  • Reports and/or liaison with companies for insurance/compensable patients
  • Resources on all aspects of driver rehabilitation
  • Education and seminars.
Royal Rehab Driver Assessment Car
Melissa in the Royal Rehab Driver Assessment Car

For further information contact Return2Driving on:

Telephone: (02) 9808 9328