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We are strong advocates in encouraging further education opportunities.

Our team can provide ongoing assistance with transition into and from educational programs, day programs and workplaces for training.  This can include assistance with transport to and from the venue.

Other services include our current School Nursing Service.

Lifestyle Support employs a Registered Nurse to attend ‘Sir Eric Woodward School in St Ives every school day from 8am to 3.30pm. This invaluable nursing service allows students to attend a regular school with the nurse providing assistance with:

  • Administering gastrostomy feeds and medications
  • Providing emergency care for students experiencing seizures, asthma attacks, respiratory difficulties or any other serious condition
  • Liaising with teachers, parents, therapists, doctors to address any issues
  • Providing health information, education and advice to parents and teachers
  • Development, implementation and review of student’s Health Care Plan.