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Our Lifestyle Support team can help you gain support for your pre planning meeting.

They can:

  • Meet with you to talk you through the process
  • Support you to complete the pre planning documentation
  • Arrange for someone you know to support you at your planning meeting (e.g. Support worker, Key Worker, Person Centred Planning Coordinator, Area Manager).

To prepare for your NDIS journey, Royal Rehab’s Lifestyle Support service can assist you with pre planning before you meet the an NDIA representative.  Our friendly staff will sit down with you, your family/carers or your support team to help plan for your future.

Our preplanning session works with you to identify how your life looks now, what you want to achieve, your current programs, therapies, equipment and assistance as well as highlighting what is important to you and how people can best support your needs, interests, hopes and dreams.

Planning for NDIS with Royal Rehab Lifestyle Support

A representative from the NDIA will contact you to start your process of entering or transitioning to the NDIS. This will be organised between you and the NDIA.  You can bring the plan you have developed with Lifestyle Support team to your meeting to help you in the process.