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Interpreters and Language Services work in situations where there is a language barrier. This can occur when one or more people cannot understand each other or when one person is not able to express themselves in English.

At Royal Rehab we aim to enhance communication with our multicultural communities and therefore, all clients have free access to use of Health Care Interpreter services. A Multicultural Access Coordinator and a Multicultural Committee aim to review and monitor Royal Rehab’s commitment to providing services to the diversity of clients.

We value diversity, culturally sensitive practices and encourage people to inform us how we can accommodate their individual cultural needs.

We can facilitate access to professional health care interpreters to assist with communication between people from diverse language backgrounds and to those with hearing impairments. This is  also available to staff. Ask the staff member about an interpreter when making your appointment.

Interpreter services can be funded under the NDIS for certain activities.

If you would like to learn more about the Multicultural services at Royal Rehab, you can contact Multicultural Access Coordinator Angela Pong on (02) 9808 9668

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